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Photography Competition

Winners Announced!

Running from the end of last year into the spring of this year, we received a great response to our Photo Competition.


We’d like to thank everyone who shared their images with us – and the stories that went alongside!


We think you’ll all agree that Tarbert and it’s surrounds are very picturesque – captured in the best possible light by many of the entrants.


It was a tricky decision to choose winners, so much so that we had to add in some runner-up prizes! In the end, we rewarded 3 photographers who uploaded not just one, but many, photos to the competition – all of which you can view below.


Thanks again and enjoy the prizes!



Entrants were asked to share photos pertaining to four categories:

Category 1:

On the Water

Category 2:

Around the Harbour

Category 3:

Festivals & Events

Category 4:

Food & Drink

1st Prize:


2nd Prize:


3rd Prize:

First Place Goes To:

Anne Praet

  • Read Anne's Thank you Letter

    “For many years we have been sailing the UK and Irish waters and since 2014 more specifically, your beautiful Scotland. I would be lying to you if I said that it was love at first sight... it took at least a full week.


    We were so charmed, not only by the landscape and the history but also by the Scottish people that, after each summer trip, we decided to go back again to explore and discover more of your country. The places to go are endless, the coastline is breath-taking, and your climate has everything we, continental people, are looking for: hot in summer if you turn the heating on, no worries about rain if you have an umbrella and no significant gales if you stay long enough in the local pub. That is why we keep coming back...


    So far Drunken Duck, our 36 ft Sun-Shine s/v, has taken us to the north-east, the Orkney's, Shetland, a bit of the south-west and the Caledonia canal. For 2017 the plan was to circumnavigate the UK anti-clockwise. Waiting for a decent weather window in Peterhead we decided to change our plans and sail via Inverness and the SW coast back to our home port, Oostende. En route we were advised by one of our friends, who lived for many years in the Clyde, to round the Mull of Kintyre and discover the Clyde. He gave us a list of some places to visit and Tarbert was among them.


    Serendipity is the word that would best describe how we discovered this amazing region. We do not regret for a single minute that we had to change our plans due to a horrible 2017 summer – quite the contrary!


    We arrived in Tarbert on July 20th, 2017 for 4 days. During our 2-3 weeks in the Clyde, it would be one of our harbours. It was during our walks that I took the photos that would win me the prize - splendid!


    Many, many reasons to be back in Tarbert. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year!”


    Best regards,


    Anne Praet


In Second Place:

Stephen Henry

Third Place:

Andrew Kettle

The Three Runners Up Are: